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Disrupt-X Press Release

What Is the Internet of Things (IoT)? How Does It Affect You? Does It Really Matter in The World? We all have our questions and understanding the issues and challenges of a more connected world is very accessible. With Disrupt-X’s Press Release, latest news about a smarter way of living could never get easier. An easy access with just one click. How easy could that be? Learn more about the latest trends, updates and information about technology. Manufacturers and their newest integrations across IoT world. Understand how massive the Internet of Things market is. Discover AI, Machine Learning, Big Data and many more with Disrupt-X.

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Dubai, September 2020

Disrupt X and Smart IoT, Dubai-based IoT companies, have introduced it’s latest IoT solution to the region that aims to reduce the spread of COVID-19 through its integrated digital technology.

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Dubai, April 2021

Disrupt-X in Partnership with Intel IoT Alliance Launch Ignite Shield – World’s First Water and Air Quality Monitoring IoT Platform