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Disrupt-X and Tadoom Forge Partnership to Elevate Oman’s IoT Ecosystem

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, October 24, 2023 – EIN Presswire

Disrupt-X, a leading developer and provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions platform, and Tadoom, Oman’s leading semi-governmental authority on smart city applications, have unveiled a strategic collaboration. Together, they aim to expand the reach and adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies throughout Oman, setting the stage for a seamlessly connected future.

This partnership emphasizes both Disrupt-X’s advanced ALEF IoT platform and Tadoom’s dedication to sustainable communities. Together, they’re gearing up to pioneer a digital transformation beneficial to businesses and residents.

Tadoom will use Disrupt-X’s strong expertise and advanced technology to strengthen its services and drive rapid innovation. The goal is to craft tailored IoT solutions that adapt and expand based on client needs. This collaboration will enable Tadoom to offer a comprehensive range of services, spanning from device connectivity to in-depth data analysis, enhancing its capability to assist customers in navigating our rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Commenting on the partnership, Asim Sajwani, Founder and CEO of Disrupt-X, said,

“Our collaboration with Tadoom represents an essential step in our shared vision to elevate urban environments. Together, we’re dedicated to placing Oman at the forefront of IoT-driven innovation.”

Abdullah Al Badi, CEO of Tadoom, commented,

“This collaboration between Tadoom and Disrupt-X is a major step toward a tech-driven transformation in Oman. With our combined expertise, we’ll drive the adoption of IoT technologies, offering solutions to our clients and advancing our commitment to sustainable communities.” This partnership holds great promise for a more connected future in Oman.”

Oman is on the verge of a tech evolution, the partnership between Disrupt-X and Tadoom emerges as a catalyst for this transformative journey. Their combined strengths, from Disrupt-X’s diverse use-cases to Tadoom’s regional insights, are set to shape a new era of tech integration within Oman. As they craft this digital blueprint, they’re not only elevating the nation’s technological stature but also positioning it as a potential standard-bearer for the entire Gulf region.

More on Tadoom:

Tadoom is an Omani company, pioneer in implementing public – private partnership and projects on a build-operate-transfer model in the field of Smart cities in the Sultanate of Oman. Strong of its experience operating a portfolio of c. 400,000 Smart Water Meters and a national LoRaWan network, Tadoom empowers the Sultanate’s economy by offering a robust digital infrastructure for implementing smart solutions with global expertise in cutting-edge technologies like IoT, AI, and big data analysis.

For more details, please visit www.tadoom.om