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Intelligent Security

Experience a more profound level of security management with Intelligent Security under Defcon Patrols. Our solution takes a leap beyond the conventional by integrating varios intrusion devices and other secuirty systems.

Comprehensive Coverage with Fire Monitoring

Intelligent Safety’s fire monitoring capability represents a significant step forward in safety management
With real-time fire detection and automatic alerts, you can take immediate action to mitigate risks and protect people and property.

Unlocking Potential: Key Features of Metro Locks

Connect all your Security systems, creating a unified, comprehensive view of your Security landscape.

Receive immediate Alerts pinpointing the exact Location of any access breaches, promoting rapid response.

Enhance your response capabilities with visual data, aiding in immediate identification of Security threats.

Leverage smart devices like motion detectors and glass break sensors to detect threats at the earliest.

Equip your Security personnel with these Buttons for instant incident reporting, enabling swift dispatch of assistance.

Efficiently allocate resources by prioritizing incidents based on their severity.

Maintain Detailed Logs of every alarm, fostering accountability and improving future response strategies.

Essential Elements of Intelligent Security

Equip your premises with our Intrusion Alarm Services, designed to detect unauthorized access and other potential security breaches. This smart solution proactively protects your facilities with devices like motion detectors and glass break sensors. Integrated into the Intelligent Security ecosystem, these services ensure that any alarm triggers are immediately registered and addressed.

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Aiding swift response during critical moments, our Smart Panic Buttons are your security personnel's reliable allies. This solution provides an immediate line of communication during emergencies, sending instant alerts when triggered. The exact location of the distress signal is tracked, enabling immediate response to the situation. With these buttons, your team can feel safe, knowing that backup is always just a click away.

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