Disrupt-X gathers a team who are all technical and creative in development and innovation, and draws on board industry experience and networks in creating the most powerful outcomes for their clients. These are the people who excel in constructing solutions.

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TEST ENV Asim Sajwani Asim Alyy President Naji Sakhita Accomplished Technical Manager with experiences in the Information Technology & Services industry in the UAE and Canada. Having a strong background in Programming, Software Development, and WLAN, VoIP, & CCTV Systems, Naji is highly skilled in IT Projects Management, Business Operations and Strategy Planning, and Technical Support. CTO CEO Nazha Nayim Adnan Muammar Naji Sakhita Adnan Muammar Marqui Gabriele Adnan Diab Adnan Diab Mohammed Alkhatib Mohammed Alkhatib Ruba Ruba Ibrahim Hani Arenat Hani Arenat Baraa Alsheekha Baraa Alsheekha Abdulhadi Lababidi Abdulhadi Lababidi Bisher Shihab Bisher Shihab Abdulrahman Falyoun Abdulrahman Falyoun Mahmoud Haj Ali Mahmoud Haj Ali Jamal Hniedi Jamal Hniedi Rami Kass Youssef Rami Kass Youssef Safwan Alchrbati Safwan Alchrbati Adnan Almolki Adnan Almolki Experienced Computer Engineer and BackEnd Developer, he is adept in creating APIs using Node JS. Highly trained in Node JS with Gateway Web Dev. & took an internship for Web Development Security “C Project” in South Korea. He won the “Ja-Pal’s DigiBiz Solution Competition - 2019” where he used IoT in Smart Farming, before traveling to Japan.
Nazha is an experienced IT Project Manager, working closely with the Developers and IoT Platform owners to communicate then integrate a proper business project planning for every IoT Solution being delivered to the clients. She is highly skilled in Scrum Planning, IT Architecture and Database Design Mohammed is a professional Web and Concept Creator highly skilled in User Experience. He is an expert in designing user experience concepts for Web/Mobile, and Wireframes integration.
A professional UI Designer, he is highly skilled in developing User Interface making use of his proficiency in Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, and HTML 5, as well as Dynamic Content and Flash Skills.
Software engineer, an experienced system analyst and tester, having knowledge in programming languages php (laravel, codegniter), python (django), HTML5,CSS, bootstrap and sql (structured query language) Dedicated problem solver with the drive needed to identify key issues, determine the root cause of a problem and then take the necessary steps to ensure that it does not recur. Possessing a full and thorough understanding of databases. Hani is an experienced Front-end Developer and Information Technology professional specializing in maintaining system operations by developing Computer Systems through Vue.js framework, Systems Analysis, and Spring Boot Framework. An expert in building Programming Interfaces and Paradigms, Abdulhadi is a Computer Programming professional highly skilled in developing interactive web interfaces. He is proficient in Vue.js, Angular API, and OOP (Object Oriented Programming).
Abdulrahman is a proficient programmer who is highly skilled in using Node JS, OpenGL, and C/C++, He is also an expert in Amazon Web Services, Scrum, and Kanban.
A technical professional, Bisher is a back-end developer expert solving system issues through programming. Highly skilled in Design Patterns, MongoDB, Java, JScript, and SQL (Structured Query Language).
A highly-skilled front-end developer professional, Mahmoud is an expert in UI interactive and program development through the use of Vue.js framework, Dart, Kotlin, NuxtJS, GatsbyJS, and JQuery. Jamal is a proficient Programmer & a Software Developing professional specializing in Programming Language. He is highly skilled in Python, GoLang (The Go Programming Language), OOP (Object-Oriented Programming), Java, ReactJS, and RoR. An experienced Information Technology and Programming professional, Rami specializes in Computer Programming Language. He is highly skilled in Python, GoLang (The Go Programming Language), OOP (Object-Oriented Programming), JavaScript, ReactJS, and RoR.
Safwan is a professional Digital and Information Technology Network individual, specializing in Cloud development, Big Data, and Lambda Coding. He is skilled in using AWS:EC2, CloudFormation, CloudFront, CloudWatch, IAM, Route53, SQS, SNS, S3, and VPC.
A Network Professional, Adnan is a highly-skilled Information Technology individual specializing in Debugging, Data Securing, and Microprocessor and Microcontroller development and analysis. He is proficient in Apache Server and Linux.
20 years of professional IT Field experience with Google, Chang Hwa Telecom, Telstra, and Engenius. Asim is one of the leading individuals in the Technology field in the Middle East. Having Huge Experience as President of Global Telcom Giant in Asia pacific and Executive Vice president with a Global Market Leader in Technology Development Asim Alyy is leading Disrupt-X towards new heights. An Electronic Engineering graduate from the University of Manchester, Yaseen began his professional career with Schlumberger as a Technical Sales/Project Manager. He then ventured into entrepreneurship successfully launching a mobile phone business and was appointed Official distributor for brands such as Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. He now focuses on supporting the development of Smart Cities especially in Dubai. An experienced Web Designer including Graphic designing & Digital marketing as her skills. Having knowledge in AI/IoT- she is highly skilled in Design programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, Premiere Pro. Adding HTML5, CSS/Sass, SQL, WordPress, Content Planning & SEO as her technical skills Yaseen Al Jaizani Yaseen Al Jaizani Project Manager Back-end Team Lead Web/Graphic Designer User Experience Designer User Interface Designer Business Analyst Front-End Developer Front-End Developer Back-End Developer Back-End Developer Front-End Developer Front-End Developer Back-End Developer Network Specialist Network Specialist Back-End Developer