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Smart Parking

A notable percentage of city traffic is due to drivers endlessly hunting for parking. With UrbanAI’s Smart Parking solution, not only can parking spaces be managed and monitored efficiently, but drivers also receive assistance in finding available spots promptly.

Advantages of Going Smart


Understand parking trends, ensure efficient space use, and make congestion a thing of the past.

Instant alerts uphold parking regulations, dramatically reducing violations in critical spaces like EV and disabled slots.

Reduce the parking hunt time and offer drivers a smooth experience.

Minimize manual oversight and checks, leading to reduced operational costs and efficient parking management.

Notable Features: Mastering the Parking Game

Continuous real-time updates on available and occupied slots, ensuring efficient slot allocation.

Automatic alerts for vehicles overstaying their parking duration, optimizing space turnover.

Guide drivers directly to available parking slots, reducing search time.

Ensuring that designated slots are used by the appropriate vehicles, like handicapped or EV parking.

Detailed data insights into slot occupancy patterns, aiding in more informed parking strategies and adjustments.

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Smart Park
Flush - LoRaWAN

Smart park Device Detects Parking Space Occupancy Via Magnetic Field Sensing To Detect Vehicle Entry/Exit In A Parking Spot Coupled With RADAR Sensing For Vehicle Identification. The Data Is Then Available On Alef Cloud Platform. This Version Of Smart park Is Suitable For Underground Installation.

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