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Outdoor Air Quality

Our Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring system offers advanced, real-time tracking of key air quality indicators to help businesses, communities, and governments make informed decisions.

What is Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring?

Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring Use Cases


Assess the health of ecosystems and enforce environmental regulations. Inform strategies for mitigating air pollution and controlling noise levels in congested urban areas.

To alert communities about poor air quality days, elevated noise levels, and minimize related health risks.

To gather long-term data on air quality trends, rainfall patterns, and their links to climate change.

To monitor air quality and rainfall parameters that may impact crop health and productivity.

Benefits of Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring


can provide timely alerts about poor air quality and high noise levels, reducing the risk of diseases like asthma, hearing loss, and stress-related disorders.

can design cities that mitigate air pollution, control noise levels, and prepare for changing precipitation patterns to improve public health and comfort.

can adjust farming practices based on air quality and rainfall data to optimize crop health and yield.

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Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring

The Breeze CO2 – LoRaWAN IoT Solution Device Measures And Sends The CO2, Temperature, Humidity and Barometric Pressure at Regular Intervals And Uses LoRaWAN Connectivity For Data Transmission And Offers A Long Battery Life Of 5 Years.

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