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Smart Space Management

Statistically, underutilized spaces and mismanagement of bookings can lead to significant financial losses and operational inefficiencies for businesses and facilities. UrbanAI’s Smart Space Management taps into the essence of space utility, giving you the tools to monitor, manage, and maximize every inch.

Why It Matters: Unearthing the True Potential of Spaces

Spaces, when used efficiently, can elevate productivity and create seamless experiences for users. However, the dichotomy lies in spaces that remain unoccupied despite reservations, while others grapple with overflow. Understanding and adapting to the intricate dance of space occupancy can transform operations, reduce costs, and enhance user satisfaction.

Industries Transformed by Smart Space Management


Elevate meeting room efficiency, ensuring reserved spaces are optimally used, reducing bottlenecks and increasing productivity.

Facilitate better classroom and lecture hall bookings, optimizing space for classes, seminars, and events.

Optimize booking systems to prevent financial losses from unutilized reservations and enhance guest experiences.

Streamline workspace reservations ensuring availability aligns with demand, fostering a harmonious working environment.

Key Features: Redefining Space Utilization

Seamlessly view indoor layouts and recognize occupied and available spaces instantaneously.

Get notified in real-time when reserved spaces are unoccupied, pinpointing potential inefficiencies.

Identify users who frequently reserve but seldom use spaces, allowing for targeted corrective measures.

Gain profound insights into how facilities like meeting rooms and workspaces are utilized, aiding in informed decision-making.

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Meeting room sensor device helps you to book meeting room conveniently and monitor the temperature and humidity inside. The Sensor will detect the presence of people inside the Meeting Room and use LoraWAN connectivity to send to the cloud platform.

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