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Soil Condition

Soil temperature, humidity, and conductivity are pivotal factors that directly influence plant growth and agricultural yield. Ignite Shield’s Soil Monitoring solutions specialize in real-time monitoring of these essential parameters, offering a comprehensive approach to soil health management.

From the Ground Up: Elevate Your Agriculture with Ignite Shield

Soil Monitoring with Ignite Shield goes beyond traditional practices by focusing on real-time data for soil temperature, humidity, and conductivity. These parameters are vital for various biological processes in the soil, affecting water retention, nutrient absorption, and even pest resistance. Ignite Shield's specialized monitoring tools provide accurate, real-time data, enabling proactive soil management.

Precision in Every Field: Soil Monitoring Across Sectors


Specialized monitoring of soil temperature, humidity, and conductivity can significantly optimize crop yield and resource usage, leading to increased profitability.

Monitoring of soil temperature, humidity, and conductivity is invaluable in landscaping projects, ensuring optimal soil conditions for both plant health and aesthetic appeal.

Ignite Shield's specialized monitoring can be integrated into regional or national soil management programs, contributing to sustainable agriculture policies.

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Agriculture Sensor - Direct Mount

Ignite Shield’s IoT Solution for Measuring Key Soil and Environmental Metrics to Increase Crop Yields and Reduce Operating Costs through an IoT Platform and Mobile App. Smart Soil Sensor measures the Soil Moisture and Temperature, Air Temperature and Humidity, and Outdoor Light and uses LoRaWAN communication to report to Disrupt-X Cloud Platform.

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