Transform your spaces into safer, quieter, and more productive environments, fortified by accurate, insightful, and real-time noise data. Embrace a quieter future with our comprehensive, easy-to-use, and real-time noise monitoring solution.

What is Noise Monitoring?

Noise Monitoring Use Cases and Benefits


Monitoring noise levels in office environments for a healthier, more productive workspace.

Assessing noise levels in healthcare facilities, improving patient recovery and staff performance.

Monitoring sound pollution in educational institutions to enhance concentration and learning.

Regulating noise in manufacturing plants to ensure worker safety and compliance with occupational health standards.

Monitoring noise levels at construction sites to mitigate impact on surrounding communities.

Assessing noise pollution around airports to address community concerns and regulatory compliance.

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Noise Meter

The Noise Monitoring Solution Measures And Sends The Noise Data along with Temperature every 15 minutes, And Uses Sigfox Connectivity For Data Transmission The Solution Will Help You In Monitoring Noise Levels By Sending You Alerts If The Sensor Levels Are Not In The Preferred Range, Build Custom Reports And Use AI Based Technology To Show You Recommendations Based On Your Air Sensor Readings.

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