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Understanding how AI and the fourth industrial revolution will impact every aspect of people’s lives

Disrupt-X AI and World Market Leaders

As a Leading Global IoT Solution Firm with innovative, creative & effective digital technology service through IoT, ML, AI, Web/App Dev. & Big Data, Disrupt- X prioritizes one of the remarkable lifts of events in Human history.

Owned by Top AI, ML and Deep Learning experts from prestigious companies

With rich and varied experience in software development and project management

Valuing positive effects of innovations to help bring convenience and accessibility

Developing innovations for the benefit of humans, technology & event of continuous learning

Why We are Leading Disruptive Innovations?

Artificial Intelligence and IoT World Market Leaders

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It is our responsibility to foster trust. Your intellectual property rights are fully protected and the code is yours. We remain dedicated to a high standard of competence and give timely updates on the progress of work with you. Regular skype meetings, demo sessions and feedback sessions ensure we meet your demands.

Trusted by Competitive-Thinking Companies Across The World.

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Trusted by Competitive-Thinking Companies Across The World.

A Full Stack IoT Solution with Security

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Efficient, fast, ultra-secure, tested Any CPU/OS & trust anchor Abstracted API for easy dev & code re-use Cloud Platform for IoT
Security Operations
Police Management Security Analytics Abstracted API for easy dev & code re-use -Gateway- DEVICE, GATEWAY, CLOUD INFOGRAPHICS_DRAFT ONE- MOBILE D


Through Great Partnership With These Respected Firms Across The World.

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Slide Web Bluetooth Development

Web Bluetooth enables interaction of Bluetooth devices through web browsers without installing an app. This helps put convenience and accessibility to daily tasks and other necessities.

Wearable Apps Development
iBeacon Apps Development
IoT And Blockchain IoT And ML IoT and Big Data Path background IoT 1

Wearable Apps are useful developments in the modern technology industry. With this, Disrupt-X made sure that health and lifestyle trackers are more accessible and informative to users.

Disrupt-X has enhanced iBeacon solutions and developments for a better in-shop experience and a more accurate iBeacon app location, distance, and proximity to users.

IoT powered and supported by Blockchain securely connects between sensors and databases. This is to ensure quality, transparency, and effective security in any user’s connection.

Disrupt-X uses IoT and ML to enhance smart and advanced learning among systems. Through this, safety, security, accuracy, and productivity are delivered to systems at any given time.

Using the data that IoT generates, Big Data analysis and algorithms generates patterns and provides useful insight of the system. This is used to provide better solutions for a client’s system.

A Microservice-enabled Video Management System

Video Management System Microservices
Disrupt-X created an improved a simpler Video Management System (VMS Microservices) to ensure convenience and efficiency of service to users. To overcome the functional limitations of a traditional Video Management System, based on monolithic architecture, and to explore vast business potential of cloud enabled video surveillance, We are shifting towards micro-services based software applications, Disrupt-X is building a competitive path towards that direction.

Disrupt- X Platform Architecture

Disrupt- X Platform Architecture

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Support The Entire IoT Device Life Cycle

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Become an IoT Platform Partner With Disrupt- X

Open an IoT Company with no expense. You can sign up a partnership with us now.

Slide White Labeling
Mobile App

YES! We will give you your own FREE Mobile APP which will help grow your business further. We don’t charge fees on OS changes. Our team will help you strategically design unique details.
Zero AMC for Development done Mobile App
New Solutions

We will release at least 2 IoT solutions quarterly which will make your company get quick access to the in demand latest solutions. You can always share your wish-lists with us to add in our road map.
3rd Party Integration
3rd Party Integration

YES! We will give you detailed APIs when required to integrate with 3rd parties and if you need a 3rd party platform to be integrated with us, we’ll support you with that, too!
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Local Language

We make IoT platform in Local Language to help make your Sales pitch stronger. Be it any language, we’ll work together to make sure that we give you full business support. We’re always ready to support our partners win deals.
Free Marketing & SEO

We provide website contents, free videos, website layouts, hosting, and SEO; and a lot of other supporting materials so you can focus on your sales improvement. Our partnership does not end on hosting, we will help you with all your digital needs.
Local Language Become our Partner
Free Secure Servers

We take Data Security and Network Architecture very seriously. Out top clients are government departments so we understand how to keep data fully secured. Our team will work with you to make sure all Security Check-points are covered.
Monthly License Fees

As IoT works on SaaS model, we share revenue with you for user licenses which is billed on a monthly/quarterly basis. This helps you bill your customers easier and more efficiently.
Zero AMC for Development Done

We won’t charge fees of developments done by AMC which saves your company costs. We are your partners in this business.

One Time Fee

We won’t ask you fees all the time unlike others. A one-time fee makes you qualified to our Lifetime Partnership. This way, you grow an IoT business within your region with ZERO development costs.
White Labeling

We white label our IoT platform with your logo using our website’s subdomain which helps you to start promote IoT solutions with no extra costs.
One Time Fee We white label our IoT platform with your Logo using your company website's Subdomain which helps you start promoting IoT Solutions with no extra Costs We don't charge you any AMC for development which makes your company run at very low cost. We understand running a business is tough so we take you as our partners Yes we will give you your own FREE Mobile APP which will help you grow business further. We don't charge you every time when OS changes or others. Our Team will help you with unique designs which suits your culture and specific region to have a uniqueness.
Yes we will give you detailed APIs when required to integrate with 3rd Party and if you need 3rd Party Platform to be integrated with us, we'll support you with that. Our Partnership and dedication will surely help you grow business within your country. We will release at least 2 IoT solutions per Quarter which will make your company grow further with latest solutions as per market demand. You can always share your wish-list with us to add in our road map. As IoT works on a SaaS model we share revenue with you for user licenses which is billed on Monthly / Quarterly basis which makes easier for you to bill your customers also. We take Data security and Network Architecture Very Seriously. Our top clients are Government departments so we understand how to keep data secure. Our Team will work with you to make sure all Security check-points are covered. The best it's all for FREE.
We help you make IoT platform in Local Language which will make your sales pitch more stronger. Be it any language we'll work together to make sure that we give you full support. We're ready to always support our partners to win a deal. We don't ask you fees every time unlike others. One Time fees make you qualified for our Lifetime Partnership which makes IoT business within your region with ZERO development cost We will give you content for your website, free videos, free website layouts, free hosting, free SEO and lot of other supporting materials so you can focus on sales. Our partnership does not end by just hosting. We will help you with all Digital needs. (hover your cursor on the left features to see more)
One Time Fee

We won’t ask you fees all the time unlike others. A one-time fee makes you qualified to our Lifetime Partnership. This way, you grow an IoT business within your region with ZERO development costs.

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Impact of Internet of Things (IoT) on Business World

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IoT and Home Security

IoT and Home Security

In a world where everything is “connected” it is a sign that very soon, with the help of smart devices we will have coffee ready for us before we are even ready, dinner getting warmed up just on time, the garage opening itself when your car appears and air temperatures getting fixed before you even...

Client's to Disrupt X.

We’re proud to still be working with many of the same people that have been with us in our early days.

  • “I came across Disrupt-X through a good friend. I was having problems with my previous system and it had become unreliable. Disrupt-X did not only provide a smart and self-learning system to us, but they also worked out with problems to come up with the best possible solutions to our failing system. The team was resourceful and communicated with us very well. They also worked on the matter quickly so it wouldn’t leave any inconveniences to our company. Great experience and highly recommended!”

    Mr. Sultan Al Baloushi
    Abu Dhabi Government
  • “Assisted and provided us with great solutions and initiated the development in our systems through IoT. Disrupt-X’s team were very keen to start work as soon as possible and met our desired goals even with a given time frame. Their varied services help us a lot in overcoming human errors and minimize the physical need to provide support on our daily operation which is very time consuming and inconvenient. I feel highly satisfied by the team’s efforts and the output of the project. Thank you, Disrupt-X.”

    Mr. Hassan Mohammed
    Director of Technologies - ADNOC
  • “Disrupt-X provided great service to us. I would like to acknowledge their quick response and knowledge to our demands. I highly recommend their great and speedy services especially their VMS which helped our company to enhance security. The solutions and analysations made by the software were fast and accurate. It helped us identify errors and work on them. I am grateful to have come across Disrupt-X.”

    Mr. Mohammed Al Mudareb
    Director of IT - RTA
  • “I have been working with many other companies and the team at Disrupt-X is the best that I have worked with. They are timely, efficient and use best practices in their development work. They move our project along quickly and keep us agile enough to be competitive. I would gladly recommend them to anyone.”

    Sophia Chua
    Director of IoT/5G - Singtel
  • “Disrupt-X keeps doing what they always believed would work best for both parties which is building teams with their clients, partners and creating exceptional software development and support. Job well done. Great services, great team, great outcome.”

    David Mansfield
    Director of Industrial IoT - Telstra