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Water Monitoring

By harnessing the power of the Internet of Things, we can revolutionize the way we monitor and maintain water resources.

Leading the Way in Sustainable Water Management

Disrupt-X’s Ignite Shield Solution offers a cutting-edge Water Monitoring IoT Solution that revolutionizes water management practices.
With our comprehensive solution, you can gain valuable insights into water quality, levels, and usage in real-time.
Our cutting-edge sensor technology enables precise measurements of various parameters, including pH levels, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, and more.

Business Benefits


With real-time monitoring of water usage, quality, and availability, businesses can optimize their resource allocation.
This leads to improved efficiency, reduced waste, and lower operational costs.

Early detection of leaks, abnormalities, or equipment malfunctions can save businesses from expensive repairs, property damage, and production disruptions.
Our solution promptly alerts you to potential issues, enabling swift action and preventive maintenance.

Proactively manage water-related risks, ensure compliance with regulations, and mitigate potential damages.
Our solution enables businesses to monitor water quality parameters, identify potential hazards, and take preventive actions.
By staying compliant and minimizing risks, organizations protect their reputation, avoid penalties, and maintain a competitive edge.

Platform Key Features

Platform Key Features

Monitor Water Quality Sensor Parameters in Real-Time
Get Customized Reports - Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly
Link Device to AMC/ FMC / Operator / Authority
Customize Platform Dashboards/Templates
View Analytics Based on Sensor Readings
Set Up Alerts via SMS / Email & WhatsApp

Water Monitoring IoT Solutions​

Water quality monitoring is essential to safeguard public health and protect aquatic ecosystems. IoT-based systems can continuously monitor various parameters, such as pH levels, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, and chemical contaminants.

These systems provide real-time data, enabling early detection of pollution sources and proactive measures to maintain water quality.

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Maintaining optimal water pressure in distribution networks is crucial for efficient water supply and preventing leaks. IoT-enabled pressure monitoring systems can monitor water pressure at different points throughout the network.

Real-time data analysis helps identify pressure variations, leaks, and potential system failures.


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Efficient sewerage monitoring is vital for minimizing environmental impact, and ensuring public health. IoT-based sewerage monitoring systems use sensors to measure turbidity.

This data assists in measuring the clarity or cloudiness of water caused by suspended particles giving an indication of water quality utilized in industries and water they released back to the environment.


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