IoT Enables Efficient Water Tank Level Monitoring

Introducing Disrupt-X's Ignite Shield IoT Solution for Water Tank Monitoring- IoT Solution

From drinking water to doing daily chores, water is an undeniable need that should be there for anyone to survive. It is a necessity which is why Water Tank is important. Regular monitoring is a must but in reality, it sounds too much for some people. IoT solves this by monitoring your Water Tank without involving human effort. Get rid of the major amount of effort/time/cost while still ensuring safety of the people and utilization of the water.



Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Big Data

Big Data

Multi Tenant



Artificial Intelligence

Multi Threaded



Internet of

At Ease with a Smart Water Device

Easily Connects. All Types of Water Tank. No Cables required.
Battery Life

Battery Life- Up to 2 Years


Warranty Life- Up to 2 Years

Sensor Life

Sensor Life- Up to 2 Years


Connectivity- Sigfox/ 4G

Smart IoT Water Analyzer for Swimming Pool Monitoring (End-user)

Disrupt-X's Ignite Shield IoT Platform Process- Water Tank Monitoring- IoT Solution


Water Tank Monitoring- IoT

Data has been collected


Data being processed in the Cloud

Cloud Platform

Data being processed in The Cloud


Mobile/Web Application

Mobile/Web Application

Analytics on Mobile and Web App.

If your Water Sensors are not in a safe range level, receive notifications directly through SMS, Email, WhatsApp

Send notifications automatically to recipients who you will choose

Recommendations will be shown to help fix the issues with your Pool

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.What is the Hardware warranty period?

A. The Hardware warranty period can go from 1 year to 3 years depending on the manufacturer. Some of the manufacturers may also extend hardware warranty.

Q.What kind of communication do you provide?

A. For Swimming Pool IoT Monitoring, we use Sigfox and 4G communication. To check Sigfox communication availability, you may visit the website Sigfox Website. For 4G communication, please check with your provider. We may offer you Communication sims based on Individual Solutions.

Q.What is the battery life of the Water Tank Monitoring- IoT Device?

A. The battery life is up to 2 years. The sensor life is also up to five years. You might have to replace the hardware after a period of 2 years.

Q.Who will own the Hardware devices?

A. The customer will own the hardware devices they purchase. You can also bring in your own hardware to integrate with our platform. However, you will have to get your hardware approved before subscribing to our platform. We follow a strict hardware approval process. Contact us for more information.

Q.Where is your Server located?

A. Our server is in The Cloud in AWS. We are using various models that fit to be an auto-scalable approach to adapt as per user need. Our specialized network team are taking care of high availability providing you with reliable availability at all times.

Q.Can I customize my Water Tank Monitoring- IoT Solution package?

A. Sure. You can select the device based on the sensor combination you want, You can decide how long you want to subscribe to this platform. Moreover, you can customize the platform to adjust the sensor ranges, alarm notifications, reports, and so on.

Q.How will I be charged for Water Tank Monitoring- IoT Solution?

A. You will be charged for the hardware devices, communication cost, and then a monthly subscription fee for using our platform to monitor your Water Tank. The pricing will depend on the hardware volume and number of years you are subscribing to our platform.

Q.For how many years can I use the Water Tank Monitoring- IoT Solution?

A. You can decide the number of years you would like to subscribe to our service. However, at a time, the maximum number of years you can subscribe to will be 5 years, after which you will have to replace hardware devices and subscribe to our services again.

Q.What is the monthly subscription fee for this platform?

A. The monthly subscription starts at $20. This price can fluctuate based on the volume of purchase. The price will also depend on the number of years you are subscribing to our platform. So, the pricing is different for every customer. It depends on the hardware volume and the number of years you are subscribing to the platform.

Q.Can I see how the platform works before purchasing?

A. Yes sure, schedule for a demo with us to see the working model. You can see the full functionalities of our Water Tank Monitoring- IoT Solution in The Platform.

Q.Do you have a mobile app for Water Tank Monitoring- IoT Solution?

A. Yes, absolutely. We have a native IOS/Android application for mobile from where you can monitor your Water Tank quality. The app will push notifications to alert you if any alarms are reported.