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Disrupt-X launches an IoT based Smart Gas Metering Solution to Monitor Consumption with Remote Customized Billing Slabs

Disrupt-X, a UAE-based IoT Development Company announced they’ve launched an IoT Gas Metering Solution under Ignite Shield, an Intel Market Ready Solution. A cost effective and efficient replacement for the traditional gas meter, hence not requiring technician callouts to take manual readings.

Gas meter misreading is a common problem that the residential and commercial industry encounter when receiving their gas consumption bill. Homeowners and companies could pay more than the actual fee if the readings are inaccurate. One reason could be human error, where the person in charge of recording the readings, notes an incorrect figure, which causes discrepancies and over billing for the consumer. Further risks of the traditional meters are when the meter has been tampered with to evade billing, which can be very dangerous and lead to gas leaks and potentially explosions.

Disrupt-X’s IoT Gas Meter Solution monitors gas consumption by measuring and sending the data once a day through the Disrupt-X platform. It uses Sigfox connectivity for accurate gas reading data transmission. The meter battery life is up to 10 years. The solution also sends alerts if the sensor level is not in the preferred range, build custom billing & consumption reports and use AI based technology to inform when abnormal readings occur and give recommendations based on your gas readings allowing preventative measures and avoiding gas leaks.. In addition, gas companies will not need to send their engineers to visit the gas meter and manually record the readings monthly, as the readings are available real time on the platform or mobile app which the consumer can also access.

Mr. Yaseen Aljaizani of Disrupt-X said: “With IoT we are able to jump a step ahead of Smart Gas meters with this cost-effective solution requiring minimal infrastructure. IoT Gas meters would be an ideal choice for rolling out new communities and buildings, and for replacing traditional gas meters. Gas companies save on manual meter readings and consumers only pay what they consume, it’s a win win for both.”

Ignite Shield is an Intel Market Ready Solution (MRS) which also offers Indoor / Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring, Swimming Pool / Water Tanks / SPA Monitoring, Gas / Water Metering, Cold Storage Monitoring, Water Pressure Monitoring , Chiller Monitoring, Sewerage (Turbidity ) Monitoring all under one screen. These solutions can be used Worldwide using Sigfox, LoRaWAN, 3G/4G Communication modules. Disrupt-X IoT Platform is hosted over Amazon Web Services (AWS). Customers can purchase equipment from Disrupt-X Marketplace directly and start using these easy Plug and Play solutions for effective Monitoring / Management of their assets. Disrupt-X offers APIs for 3rd Party Integration and White Labelling with Cloud or On-Premise hosting options.

Disrupt-X is a key partner with Intel and AWS and have range of other Solutions available. At launch of Ignite Shield Intel’s Enterprise and Public Sector Manager for Gulf region Mr. Adib Rajji said, “We strive to provide Disrupt-X with what they need so they can focus on their success with their customers and business. At Intel we enable an early solution development engagement so partners can take advantage of Intel’s leading-edge technology and Edge to cloud offerings.”