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Through various experiences in the technology industry witnessing digital evolution from the very start, We have been consistently evolving as a global leading Internet of Things platform provider of unique solutions and disruptive development-
Introducing Disrupt X.

About Disrupt- X


pH With commitment to support the vast growth of technology and digitalization through continuous development of smart solutions that bring outstanding evolution within various industry productivity- Founded in 2018. Introducing a Disruptive Technology platform bringing you innovation. arrow arrow AI ML Big Data Disrupt-X Logo Device Cloud Platform 4G | 5G LoRaWAN Sigfox NBIoT Cloud Platform arrow Mobile Application Tower mobile data AI ML Big Data arrow

Trusted by Competitive-Thinking Companies Across The World.

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Trusted by Competitive-Thinking Companies Across The World.

Build your business through technology from individuals, all the way to large teams and businesses

Build your business through technology from individuals, all the way to large teams and businesses

Disruptive Innovations

Disruptive Innovations

pH Disrupt-X is lead by top Digital Technology leaders and visionaries who excel in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, & Deep Learning, and are passionate to continuously support the growth of smart innovations throughout the world. Our desires to improve, excellent track record, and continuous knowledge growth in technology and business methodology contribute to our goal to be UAE’s leading provider of smart solutions. Disrupt-X was formed to be the future of both people and technology.


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It is our responsibility to foster trust. Your intellectual property rights are fully protected and the code is yours. We remain dedicated to a high standard of competence and give timely updates on the progress of work with you. Regular skype meetings, demo sessions and feedback sessions ensure we meet your demands.

pH This is Disrupt-X

Internet of Things

Disrupt-X’s platform enables you to make data driven decisions by providing you all the relevant data from your connected devices.

Did you know?

 ‘Smart city’ devices has the largest share of the IoT market

Big Data

Utilize Big Data aggregation and share data access to all your systems to provide solutions as a more interconnected organization thus improving efficiency and better service.

Did you know?

Facebook users send on average 31.25M messages and view 2.77 M videos every minute.

Artificial Intelligence

Disrupt-X finds ways to synergize Artificial Intelligence into how your brand operates, giving you all the power and competitive advantage that AI offers.

Did you know?

Google launched an AI System, which beat some of the best Atari 2600 game players.


Enhancement of application, software, web, platforms, and systems creates an advanced edge in the productivity of an industry or an individual generating technological growth.

Did you know?

 Your website’s source code influences your search engine ranking.

Machine Learning

Leverage Machine Learning to gain the ability to quickly and accurately solve problems, assess customer satisfaction, and create a productive digital environment.

Did you know?

 Machine learning, reorganized as a separate field, started to flourish in the 1990s.


Disrupt-X offers powerful tools such as forensic scans and scene analytics through VMS, offering controls and cloud accessibility with an easy and efficient way to manage the system.

Did you know?

 Integration of video feeds can happen from drone-mounted cameras

Check out what our clients have to say

We’re proud to still be working with many of the same people that has been with us in our early days.

  • “Assisted and provided us with great solutions and initiated the development in our systems through IoT. The team was very keen to start work as soon as possible and met our desired goals even with a given time frame. Their varied services help us a lot in overcoming human errors and minimize the physical need to provide support on our daily operation which is very time-consuming and inconvenient. I feel highly satisfied by the team’s efforts and the output of the project. Thank you, Disrupt-X.”

    Mr. Sultan Al Baloushi
    Abu Dhabi Government
  • “I came across Disrupt-X through a good friend. I was having problems with my previous system and it had become unreliable. Disrupt-X did not only provide a smart and self-learning system to us, but they also worked out with problems to come up with the best possible solutions to our failing system. The team was resourceful and communicated with us very well. They also worked on the matter quickly so it wouldn’t leave any inconveniences to our company. Great experience and highly recommended!”

    Mr. Hassan Mohammed
    Director of Technologies - ADNOC
  • “DisruptX provided great service to us. I would like to acknowledge their quick response and knowledge to our demands. I highly recommend their great and speedy services especially their VMS which helped our company to enhance security. The solutions and analysations made by the software were fast and accurate. It helped us identify errors and work on them. I am grateful to have come across DisruptX.”

    Mr. Mohammed Al Mudareb
    Director of IT - RTA