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Disrupt-X and DynaSys Networks Announce Innovative Partnership to Catalyze IoT Rollout in Pakistan

Disrupt-X partners with DynaSys Networks to fast-track IoT adoption, marking a significant leap in Pakistan’s digital landscape.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, August 08, 2023 – EIN Presswire

 Today marks a turning point for the digital landscape of Pakistan as Disrupt-X, a leading developer and provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions platform, and DynaSys Networks, a technology startup focused on driving innovation in Product Development and Systems Integration declare their strategic partnership through a formal agreement for the development of the Pakistan market for IoT products and services.

The development and launch of an integrated IoT platform with a full array of hosting solutions, transmission network, end user devices and use cases, will positively impact various sectors, including telecommunications, manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, real estate, and government. This partnership strives to pave the way for enhanced productivity, workload and cost-efficiency, and the emergence of new business models ushering in the use of technology at an unprecedented scale in the country thus contributing to Pakistan’s economic growth.

At the core of this partnership is the unique cost effective Disrupt-X IoT Platform, structured into interwoven layers that work seamlessly to provide a comprehensive solution. The foundation is formed by the IoT devices, followed by a communication layer offering diverse options such as Sigfox, LoRaWAN, cellular networks, or NB-IoT. These layers interact with a core platform that includes data sources, connectors, APIs, analytics, and AI engines. Together, they generate a unified dashboard, offering industry-specific insights, analytics, sensor data, device health status, and detailed reports, ensuring clients have all essential information at their fingertips for informed decision-making.

The CEO of Disrupt-X, Asim Sajwani, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, 

“This collaboration with DynaSys Networks is a testament to our shared passion for innovation and our belief in Pakistan’s potential as a hub for technological advancement.”

“DynaSys has a stated mission to become the largest IoT service provider in Pakistan. Today marks day one of our drive to unlock a new wave of innovation in this emerging technological landscape in the country. With our mantra of ideate, innovate, implement and in conjunction with Disrupt-X and other Pakistani technology partners we are geared up to fully develop the IoT ecosystem in the country”

stated Ali Akhtar, DynaSys Networks’ CEO.

About DynaSys Networks:

DynaSys Networks is a technology startup based in Pakistan and the UAE, focused on driving innovation in Product Development and Systems Integration. DynaSys’ passion for Product Development encompasses IoT and Space, and the Systems Integration expertise covers Cybersecurity, Satellite Communications, Networking Solutions and Surveillance and Security Solutions.

For more details, please visit https://dynasysnetworks.com/