Smart Spa Monitoring​

Maximize the tranquility and cleanliness of your spas with Disrupt-X’s Smart Spa Monitoring solution. Our system ensures that your spa remains an oasis of relaxation and health, providing real-time data on key water quality parameters for optimal spa maintenance.

Your Spa, Our Care

This IoT solution measures:

PH Levels






Free Chlorine (calculated)

Did You Know ?

1- Poor Water Quality

Can lead to problems like cloudiness, increased hardness, scale build-up, and a metallic taste in pool water.

2- Health Risk

Contributes to Eye and skin irritation and poses high risk of microbial infections due to fecal and non-fecal sources.

3- Asset Life

When pools / spa are managed poorly it increase maintenance cost, shorten the asset life and decrease asset value.

1- Thermal Threats

Overheated or poorly heated spa water can pose severe health risks, including burns, dizziness, and fainting.

2- Skin Issues

Unbalanced water chemistry in spas can lead to skin irritations and infections.

3- Spa Deterioration

Poorly managed spas can suffer from corrosion, scaling, and unsightly water discoloration.

Benefits of Smart Spa Monitoring


Consistently monitor and maintain optimal water conditions for a relaxing spa experience. By adjusting water conditions like temperature and pH level, ensure that your spa is always ready for guests.

Early detection of issues like chemical imbalances and temperature fluctuations can prevent costly repairs or replacements. Plus, automatic monitoring reduces the need for manual checks, saving labor costs.

Offering a consistently safe and enjoyable spa experience enhances your brand reputation, leading to higher guest satisfaction and increased loyalty.

Immediate detection of harmful changes in water quality helps prevent health-related incidents, ensuring the well-being of your guests.

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Smart Water Quality Monitoring

The Device Will Monitor Temperature, PH, ORP, Free Chlorine, TDS, Salinity And Conductivity. Among the parameter, Free Chlorine, TDS And Conductivity Are AI Based Calculations.
This IoT Device Measures And Sends The Pool Data Once Every Hour And Uses Sigfox Connectivity For Data Transmission.

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