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Industrial Temperature

Industrial Temperature Monitoring solutions, designed to enhance operational efficiency and safety across a wide range of industries. We offer intuitive, real-time monitoring solutions by leveraging state-of-the-art IoT technology.

What is Industrial Temperature Monitoring?

Industrial Temperature Monitoring Use Cases


Ensuring optimal temperatures for equipment, leading to increased efficiency and quality of products.

Overheating can cause machinery damage, downtime, and decrease product quality.

Monitoring the temperature of critical assets in power plants for safety and efficiency.

Overheating of assets can cause breakdowns or fires, leading to potential plant shutdowns.

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Industrial Asset Temperature Monitoring

Ignite Shield’s IoT Solution for Measuring Temperature of Industrial Assets. Smart Temperature Sensor uses 4 Temperature Inputs to Report Industrial Asset Temperature. This IoT Device Measures and Sends Temperature Data every hour and uses Sigfox Connectivity for Data Transmission.

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