Mitigate odour-related issues seamlessly with our Odour Monitoring solution. Utilize IoT-enabled technology to detect airborne NH3 and H2S compounds, allowing you to proactively address odour concerns and foster a more pleasant and compliant environment.

What is Odour Monitoring?

Odour Monitoring Use Cases and Benefits


In apartment complexes or residential areas, odour issues can significantly affect quality of life and lead to tenant dissatisfaction. With odour monitoring, property managers can identify the sources of unpleasant smells, such as waste management issues or poor air quality, and take immediate action, thereby enhancing resident satisfaction and retention.

Odour monitoring can detect potential issues early, allowing for prompt mitigation and maintaining a pleasant atmosphere. This can improve customer satisfaction, employee productivity, and overall brand image.

Unregulated emission of NH3 and H2S can lead to environmental pollution and pose health risks. Continuous monitoring helps in maintaining safe levels of these gases, promoting a healthy workplace and reducing environmental damage.

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Odour Monitoring

The Breeze CO2 – LoRaWAN IoT Solution Device Measures And Sends The CO2, Temperature, Humidity and Barometric Pressure at Regular Intervals And Uses LoRaWAN Connectivity For Data Transmission And Offers A Long Battery Life Of 5 Years.

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