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IoT Platform Solutions

Swimming Pool IoT Solution

Choosing the best Swimming pool monitoring system depends on an owner’s specific needs and preferences. With an IoT Solution, you will no longer have to worry about your pool and its possible health risk effects.

Covid Social Proximity Solution

Maintaining proper distancing anywhere is now the new norm, following unexpected rapid spread of the Coronavirus disease. Digital Technology industry has become more efficient in creating solutions that can prevent further spread of the deadly disease.

Fire & CO IoT Solution

Building a strong ecosystem across verticals for a better environment with Disrupt-X through a smart IoT Solution for Fire and Carbon Monoxide

Water Tank IoT Solution

The monitoring of water level has various environmental benefits. It is inevitable for certain industries and organizations to use water judiciously & enhance their process efficiency and save costs. Getting to know more will help our environment in saving water.

Smart Water IoT Solution

Imagine a world where no drop of water gets wasted. That’s the guarantee modern digital technology with the help of the Internet of Things can bring you. Get smart with your water system with Disrupt-X.

Smart Worker IoT Solution

Introducing an unprecedented smart solution way for a better working environment of workers/employees through an IoT wearable device with unique features.

Air Quality IoT Solution

Intoducing a smart solution that efficiently monitors air quality, automatically raises alerts, & effectively helps prevent further damage to both assets & human lives through the integration of IoT and CaFM.

Asset Tracking IoT Solution

Disrupt-X uses IoT to allow users to track their assets accurately, providing functionally flexible monitoring of assets. With IoT, we eliminate the vulnerability of problems, inefficient asset performance tracking, and many more.

Vehicle Tracking IoT Solution

Importance of a Vehicle Tracking Solution? Through IoT, we eliminate the vulnerability of problems, inefficient vehicle tracking & others.