Disrupt-X Will Launch Cognitive Neurons IoT Platform using ML/AI

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Sept. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)

Disrupt-X, a Dubai-based IoT development company, recently announced their partnership with Intel IoT Alliance to launch Cognitive Neurons IoT Platform using ML/AI which is a bundle of AI-based Analytics Cloud Platform Solutions.

Disrupt-X aims to leverage the power of IoT and artificial intelligence to revolutionize the current technology in the market and offer their customers valuable data analysis at disruptive pricing to make ROI on IoT for facility management and corporates realistic. Smart ANPR, their first solution under Cognitive Neurons, targets the community/residential compounds where parking management is a hassle. Building owners can conveniently monitor their parking spaces, view analytics, generate reports and customize alerts while residents/tenants will be able to generate visitor accesses conveniently. This cutting-edge solution comes at competitive pricing starting at US $14/month with built-in data sets of GCC, the European region/ North America, and the Asia Pacific.

Edu-bot, the second solution under Cognitive Neurons will target schools and educational institutes. The innovative solution aims to analyze the student and teacher interaction in classrooms. We will be able to evaluate the concentration levels of students during each course, their emotional levels, and perhaps determine if a child is autistic. Furthermore, analysis can be performed on teachers as well to determine how well they are interacting with the students.

During the launch event, Adib Rajji, Public Sector Manager for Intel Corporation said:

The need for intelligence on edge devices has never been greater. As deep learning approaches rapidly and replaces more traditional computer vision techniques, businesses can unlock rich data from digital video .This collaboration with Disrupt-X for implementing vision-based AI systems to collect and analyze data right on edge devices for real-time decision-making will offer advanced edge computing capabilities to help cut costs, drive new revenue streams and improve services.” Finally, Adib Rajji added, “The OpenVINO toolkit is designed to fast-track development of high-performance computer vision and deep learning inference applications at the edge.

Asim Sajwani, President of Disrupt-X said:

We strongly feel the video analytics’ current market is being used for traditional solutions while not benefiting the real-life solutions. Using Deep Learning to improve on AI-based solutions, which can offer real-time analytics to customers, is our goal. Intel Openvino is helping us making Edge analytics from Digital Video into innovative solutions which will surely help educational and facility management industries.

Disrupt-X Website: https://disrupt-x.io/
Smart ANPR Solution: https://disrupt-x.io/smart-anpr-iot/

Contact info@disrupt-x.io for more information.