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Disrupt-X Board of Directors Agree for Seed Plus Funding in Q1-2021

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Workplace productivity for IoT has had a tough, yet productive year with slick platform tools popping up seemingly each new day.

Collaborative meeting notes has been done for Disrupt-X IoT Solution company through an internal discussion. Disrupt-X Board of Directors Meeting was held on 5th October via Microsoft Teams where all Board of members joined Worldwide to discuss the current projects and development for the companies' IoT Platform; with Disrupt-X's target in making the platform running more successful by the said year.

Dubai, October 05, 2020
Disrupt- X Main Dashboard laptop and mobile

Disrupt- X Seed Plus Funding

During the meeting it was decided that Disrupt-X will be doing a Seed Plus funding in Q1-2021. They agreed that a top IT evaluator will be hired by 2020 to access the current market value. Disrupt-X's innovation is a platform that integrates more deeply within a user's safety and convenience, recognizing daily essentials and safety preventions through an Internet of Things Solution approach.

“We are very thrilled and excited to introduce Disrupt- X's integrated Internet of Things solution globally after two years of intense and continuous development which adapts to the needs of any industry and also reducing the deadly spread of the words biggest issue right now which is COVID-19. ” said Mr. Khalifa Al Jaziri (Member of Dubai Future Council on Energy) Managing Director of Smart IoT.