Disrupt-X Launches IoT Based Smart 2G/4G/BLE Parking Locks to Revolutionize the issues with Dedicated Parking Spots

Smart Parking Lock Solution is part of Metro Watch available Worldwide which can be Locked/Unlocked using a Mobile App, IoT Platform or WhatsApp OTC messages.

DUBAI, DXB, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, March 4, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Disrupt-X, a UAE-based IoT Development Company announced they’ve launched Smart Parking Lock Solution under Metro Watch an IoT integrated hassle-free parking solution.

The lack of parking spaces in the urban areas across the world have always been a problem to many motorists. It is estimated globally that there are 1.4 billion motor vehicles in operation. An average of 17 hours is spent annually in just searching for a parking spot. Motorist often miss their appointments or abandon their trips due to being unable to locate a parking space. Other motorists tend to be willing to park illegally on someone else’s parking space which often creates conflict with the parking owner. Therefore, they try to block their parking spaces using cones, rocks or any sort of barrier to keep their parking far from unauthorized users. There are also inventions of manual parking locks that can be placed on the parking space where the driver is required to get off the car to lock and unlock the parking barrier using a key which is very inconvenient to use.

Disrupt-X’s Smart Parking Locks– IoT Solution allows car owners to control the usage of their parking spaces by locking and unlocking a parking barrier remotely with the use of an app. It uses Bluetooth (BLE) and 4G based devices to communicate to the Cloud Platform and Mobile App. This solution can not only prevent others from illegal parking on their spaces, but also allows multiple users to share the parking spaces using a one-time code for a specific duration. This optimizes the use of parking spaces for those who rents it out. The solution also sends alerts to the owner for any intrusion if other motorist tries to access the parking space. In addition, the battery life of the device lasts up to 1 year and users can build custom report and get data on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Mr. Asim Sajwani, President of Disrupt-X said “We believe in listening to customers and designing our business around there needs. Finding the right opportunity is all about believing it’s there. We strongly believe that innovation is a change that will unlock a whole new value to our customers business. The heart and soul of Disrupt-X is creativity and imagination. We will keep on observing our customers to get better and better. Smart Parking Locks is a step forward towards that innovation.”

Metro Watch is an IoT platform which takes care of Smart Parking Locks, Smart Padlocks, Smart Door Locks, Indoor / Outdoor Assets Trackers, Smart Cabinet Locks and Smart Personal Trackers. Disrupt-X IoT Platform is hosted over Amazon Web Services (AWS). Customers can purchase equipment from Disrupt-X Marketplace directly and start using these easy Plug and Play solutions for effective Monitoring / Management of their assets. Disrupt-X offers APIs for 3rd Party Integration and White Labelling with Cloud or On-Premise hosting options.
Disrupt-X is a key partner with Intel and AWS and have range of other Solutions available. Disrupt-X Solutions are showcased at Intel Innovation Lab Dubai, UAE.

For more details, please visit
https://disrupt-x.io/ (Official Website)
https://cloud.disrupt-x.io/core/market/main (Market Place)
https://disrupt-x.io/smart-2g-4g-parking-locks-end-user/ (Parking Locks)

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