Disrupt-X launches an IoT based Noise Monitoring Solution to analyze Noise Effects at Human & Structural Assets Health

Noise Monitoring Solution is part of Ignite Shield – Hosted on AWS , which is an Intel Market Ready Solution available Worldwide using Sigfox, Lora WAN & NB-IoT

DUBAI, DXB, UAE, February 15, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Disrupt-X, a UAE-based IoT Development Company announced they’ve launched a Noise Monitoring Solution under Ignite Shield, an Intel Market Ready Solution to analyze Noise Effects at Human and Structural Assets Health.

Rapid urbanization in the recent years has significantly increased environmental noise levels. Noise pollution affects millions of people and therefore it is important to monitor noise levels on a regular basis. Noise or Sound is measured in decibels. Sounds that reach 85 decibels or above can harm a person’s ears. The most common health problem caused is Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). Exposure to loud noise can also cause high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep disturbances and stress. These health problems can affect all age groups, especially children. Many children who live near noisy airports or streets have been found to suffer from stress and other problems, such as impairments in memory, attention level and reading ability.

Disrupt-X’s Noise Monitoring Solutions uses a Sigfox / Lora WAN based devices to report noise levels regularly to the Cloud Platform and Mobile App. The full-stacked IoT Solution can be scaled from a Single Asset up to a City Level, allowing users to Monitor Noise Levels Regularly by displaying noise readings every 15 minutes, sending alerts if the reading level is not in the preferred range. In addition build custom reports and use AI based technology to indicate recommendations based on noise readings observed.

Mr. Yaseen Aljaizani CEO of Disrupt-X said: following the successful launch of our Ignite Shield solutions, which encompasses a variety of air and water monitoring solutions. Our clients have realized the importance of continuous monitoring of key factors which affect quality of life and maintaining health standards. A result of this awareness has led us to complement our portfolio to include noise monitoring. Our increased range of IoT solutions will be a key component in driving the growth of the IoT sector as we envisage these solutions to become part of everyday life for globally connected communities.

Ignite Shield is an Intel Market Ready Solution (MRS) which also offers Indoor / Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring, Swimming Pool / Water Tanks / SPA Monitoring, Gas / Water Metering, Cold Storage Monitoring, Water Pressure Monitoring , Chiller Monitoring, Sewerage (Turbidity ) Monitoring all under one screen. These solutions can be used Worldwide using Sigfox, Lora WAN, 3G/4G Communication modules. Disrupt-X IoT Platform is hosted over Amazon Web Services (AWS). Customers can purchase equipment from Disrupt-X Marketplace directly and start using these easy Plug and Play solutions for effective Monitoring / Management of there assets. Disrupt-X offers APIs for 3rd Party Integration and White Labelling with Cloud or On Premise hosting options.

Disrupt-X is a key partner with Intel and AWS and have range of other Solutions available. At launch of Ignite Shield Intel’s Enterprise and Public Sector Manager for Gulf region Mr. Adib Rajji said, “We strive to provide Disrupt-X with what they need so they can focus on their success with their customers and business. At Intel we enable an early solution development engagement so partners can take advantage of Intel’s leading-edge technology and Edge to cloud offerings.”

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