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Disrupt-X and Smart IoT for Covid-19 Proximity Solution

September 2020

Disrupt-X Press Release

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Dubai, September 2020

Disrupt X and Smart IoT, Dubai-based IoT companies, have introduced it’s latest IoT solution to the region that aims to reduce the spread of COVID-19 through its integrated digital technology.

Using it’s proprietary technology, developed by deep learning experts that were formerly at Google, Microsoft and Accenture, the Smart Worker COVID-19 proximity solution includes a smart wearable device that can help maintain social distancing practices and allows for detailed contact tracing.

The IoT platform is the region’s first home-grown solution

Disrupt-X and Smart IoT Launches Covid-19 Proximity Solution

Press Release Image 2 This aims to not only save companies and hospitals thousands of dirhams in testing and reduce the burden on healthcare systems, but also guarantee employee safety and health as infected people can quickly be isolated and traced with the help of the device. The device has already allowed clients of Disrupt-X and Smart IoT to save 65% against COVID-19 testing while allowing businesses to stay open and ensuring a 95% accurate scheduling of the workforce and their availability.

Due to social stigma, many people are not comfortable sharing their diagnosis either and the Smart Worker COVID-19 proximity solution addresses this problem as well by anonymously notifying people if they’ve been in contact with a COVID-19 positive person as well.
COVID GEOFENCING DISRUPT-X laptop and mobile The data stored by the device is protected through various security protocols including two-factor authentication, re-captcha and local monitoring, ensuring complete peace-of-mind. The solution is locally hosted or on any cloud like AWS or Azure.

The technology is already being implemented by Sri Lanka’s Civil Aviation Authority and Facebook’s main campus as an effective solution to the operational challenges arising from the ongoing pandemic.

“We are very excited to be bringing the Smart Worker solution to the region after 2 years of intense development and adapt it to reduce the deadly spread of COVID-19. ” said Mr. Khalifa Al Jaziri (Member of Dubai Future Council on Energy) Managing Director of Smart IoT and Mr. Asim Sajwani Executive Vice President at Smart IoT and Board members at Disrupt-X. “At a time when we’re gearing for a second wave and an exponential increase in cases, we really need a technological solution that can allow businesses to operate at optimum capacity and allow the wider population to maintain social distancing protocols with a peace-of-mind.”