Can AI help us live longer and healthier?

Disrupt-X Can AI help us live healthier and longer?

Artificial Intelligence is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines that can mimic human behavior. AI is seeping into our daily lives and we do not even notice it.

AI isn’t just about flying cars or robots “taking over” but don’t you wonder how Google provides you with answers based on your query or how Facebook only displays posts based on your interest or how self-park and self- drive cars work?  

AI has found its way into our daily life and all it has done is made our lives easier and efficient. It is interconnected with Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL); ML and DL aids AI by providing set of algorithms to solve problems. Machine Learning is the study where computers learn to behave as humans and with time improve their learning which feeds them information and data by capturing real world interactions. Deep Learning is when computers imitate how humans gain certain type of knowledge.

In recent studies, medical centres and pharmaceutical companies have appreciated involvement of AI because as time is passing, the world’s population is massively increasing and AI collects information from thousands and thousands of people which helps predict what will happen to an ill person and what they can do to prevent it. AI not only saves time and provides better efficiency but most of all reduces trial and error. For instance, AI will be able to detect a disease and provide a solution for it sooner which will also benefit by eliminating animal and human trials. During this pandemic, it has helped map the spread of COVID-19, tracing close contact with confirmed cases to avoid further spread of the virus, and most importantly from the data that was gathered by the confirmed cases from around the world and feeding that information to the World Health Organization(WHO) for data analyzation which helps them understand the virus better and how it could be fought with the right pre-caution. 

One of the deadliest and oldest diseases around the world is cancer and till date there is no cure for it. Researchers have been trying to eliminate cancer for years and many cases around the world find out after it’s too late, but in the coming future, AI will be able to determine not only cancer but any diseases that can be life threatening before it attacks a human body and what can be done to avoid the formation of disease cells in our body which will not only save time but also save many lives. Can AI help us live longer and healthier life?

So, if you are wondering if Artificial Intelligence can really help us live a longer and a healthier life? The answer is most likely- yes.

Artificial Intelligence has already taken over our lives and we have learnt to live with it quite comfortably. AI isn’t about robots taking over the world because we are still on the very basic level of AI known as narrow AI (weak AI), so it will be long before we see a futuristic world with robots and flying cars.

No human can be immortal because that is the way a human body is designed, but what if we could finally have our loved ones with us having a healthier and longer life than average? Biology has an on-going war with diseases and still learning on how to fight certain ones. However, technology with the help of AI will not only make a revolution in our daily lives, but it will certainly bring a revolution by defeating diseases and maintain a longer and healthier life. It has made communication, research and development easy for everyone. Therefore, AI will indeed, continue to bring ease in our lives and it will continue to advance and learn to tackle any obstacles that can limit our life span.