Yaseen Aljaizani
Smart Waste Management using IoT
One of the most startling concerns in the world is waste management and with the population on a rise it is difficult to manage and keep the city intact. Hold on, you may wonder why it’s a concern with all those garbage disposal trucks on the road causing commotion? Well, IoT reaches into nearly every...
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IoT and Home Security
In a world where everything is “connected” it is a sign that very soon, with the help of smart devices we will have coffee ready for us before we are even ready, dinner getting warmed up just on time, the garage opening itself when your car appears and air temperatures getting fixed before you even...
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Disrupt-X Can AI help us live healthier and longer?
Artificial Intelligence is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines that can mimic human behavior. AI is seeping into our daily lives and we do not even notice it. AI isn’t just about flying cars or robots “taking over” but don’t you wonder how Google provides you with answers based on your query or...
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Hand holding mobile with IoT
The use of wireless connection and data sharing to anyone and anywhere in the world is unstoppable. The use of the Internet, the most significant component of the Internet of Things, first started out in the 1960’s. Later on in 1982, a modified Coca Cola Machine in Carnegie Mellon University became the initial concept of...
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