Asim Alyy
Transforming cold chain Infrastructure-using-IoT for Vaccine Transportation
We are all waiting for a vaccine now as the COVID-19 pandemic is still on the loose.  Once the vaccine is ready, the cold chain should be promptly prepared to transport it around the world to billions of people. This wouldn’t be an easy task. Considering the temperature-sensitive nature of vaccines, there is a high...
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“Just 30 years ago we could never expect to do 10% of what we do with our phones now.” IoT is the industrial revolution in which interconnected physical devices will automate skill and task. Everything around us is connected to the internet where businesses have started to upgrade and advance with IoT. With the help...
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Disrupt-X Featured Image for IAQ
Coronavirus came unexpectedly and took over the world like a storm. This pandemic has changed the world in a matter of time and gradually instated everyone around the globe to stay put which eventually led businesses to shut down, employees losing their jobs and majority of the businesses around the world to work from home....
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Human with Code Blue Graphics
The growth of digitalization in our modern time has given infinite possibilities to the many aspects of our lives Its continuous innovation leads to millions of global improvements that benefits all of us in different ways. Not only does it help us but it also, at some point, even surpasses human working and thinking efficiencies;...
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Man being tested for Covid
The Coronavirus Disease has been spreading throughout the world for some months now, leaving many people to lose their loved ones and affecting the livelihood of many, as well as the operation of almost all industries. The disease, dubbed as “COVID-19” as it started spreading in December 2019, was declared a global emergency in January...
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